Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bang ! BigBang

Second post, after my first on Apr 23rd, and today is 23rd again, guess i feel the urge to post a blog on 23rds.. hehe crazy coincidence. but not all can be called a coincidence, well, which is exactly what am trying to say on Big Bang.

I admit, am not good with numbers and still cant figure how many zeros does a 'million' have.. seriously, but have always jaw dropped at the numbers these astronomers use, billion, trillion light years and all that kinda stuffs. When i know more on celestial worlds and galaxies, am humbled down to know how insignificant we really are.

hmm.. anyways whenever i see the 'most repeated' documentries on discovery and other tv channels, i still kinda dont buy the fact of 'big bang' theory. My wisdom(too young to that) doesn't accept the idea of a sudden appearance of a peanut size of mass that exploded violently 'untriggered'.... Yes ! 'just one fine day'...oops there wasn't any time or space then, okies lets call it 'one fine moment'. Am no atheist or a geek on this side of science, just an admirer, who just wows at the celestial symphony. But i do have my perspectives on such stuffs, though so naive or lame, and see what is fitting my perspective on such facts, with very little of 'assumptions' and techy 'name prefixed constants' that the scientists use.

Wish i was a astronomer, would have added more to already existing confusions hahaha. Have read few of Stephen Hawking on this, but still he sums up on the 'wise irregularities' and 'unknown coincidences' for what we are and who we are as of now, or atleast what we are made to believe till now.

If we were to take such assumptions, then whats really the big difference in 'one fine moment' or in '7 days' ?

Stumbled upon this documentary last weekend(one fine moment..??), seems this throws some convincing light on the chances on universe not born out of BigBang and shares my views too, happened to kill my boring weekend with this interesting one ;) Am sold (not fully thou') with the microwave radiation stuffs and spectrum theories they put forward. Perhaps, why not, there could be the other side of the coin too, which is much more 'unthinkable' than what we think we know. So thought i could bookmark this, not to miss this out of my sight.

Are we really the outcome of chances ?

If you guys too are curious on such 'time killers' and need something to fill the void of "No date" weekends, this could be just right for you.. hahaha

The documentary is made of 8 parts...

the remaining parts here :

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Enlightenment for "Dummies"

Off late I see flooding of videos of yet another selfmade "Godman".. right, am referring to the "Nithyananda Scandal".
WTF is happening ?
Are we gonna stay fools forever, and not use the 1.5 kg muscle hidden inside the skull ?

We are so much used these kinda sex scandals of the self styled Godmen all along, but still dont grow up to this. The world is becoming so much populated with these swamijis and so, the number of fools (followers) too. I really dont understand why do we like to be a sheep forever and just follow every conman, pretending to be a leader. Are we using the so called "5 senses" that differentiates us from animals. Yeah we are not really evolving for "all good", but the reverse.

No offence to any religion or faith here !! 
This is the problem of man, not God.

It is so funny to see such allegations and denials, then blame game sets in, so a yummy stuff for the media, surviving with that shit for next few weeks.
The most funniest of all the denials was that of Mr.N on the video, claiming to be done on 'graphics'...
Mr. Nityananda and team, Do you have any faint idea on what you're saying? Am a visual effects person, a Graphics person(for laymen), we are burning our ass out to get realism in the digital world, like in the movies "Avatar" (quoting this, coz this too is in sensation now :P), still we are a long long way to do such a kind of real world stuffs, and Mr.N and team's justification on "manipulated on video using "Graphics", Growup Son, try something else !!

Was reading about his "Enlightenment Programmes", OMFG, $40000 USD for a 3 week course?  A COURSE FOR ENLIGHTENMENT.. Which also comes with the Certificate, duly signed by the Godmen gang.

Hahahahahaha.... sorries, Cant stop laughing at this innocence.

Heys, Enlightenment is an Experience of getting one with the God, and how is this done with weekly courses or how can one give a certification for that, and what the hell is that for ?

Probably, it was Osho who started this commercialization of "Enlightenment". Gone missing for few decades and brought back by Nithyananda lately. Its become a trend on Youtube videos these days, many talk about or against him and to get the "instant" fame.

And we have another waiting in queue to get trapped, who calls himself "Oneness" and many many more too with their strategically creative pracitses and cult for themselves...

Few weeks back I saw another such video of a priest "Romancing" inside the sanctum of the temple, how inhuman can he be ?, though am not a hindu, felt really outrageous at this. It really kills the last bit of faith one can have on "God" (in whatever form it may be)

Why ?

My take is that this generation is lacking a good leaders like Prophet Muhamed (sal), or Jesus or Buddha, they just seem to appear only every 1000 years, till then we need to bear these funny guys around. Reading about Muhamed (sal), i was amazed on his power to drive a barbarian arabic tribes to a more cultured society as it is today, and all that happened in just 20 years of his prophethood, or Jesus for his contributions to the people and Adhisankaracharya for reviving the true Hinduism.
Where are they now?.

I am well aware of the fact that nothing much can be done, but we still are the same for the past 4000 years and not much "evolution" has happened in this front. This puts me in a strong doubt now, Mr.Darwin, Is evolution only for physical traits or mental changes too ?

If its for the later too, I ll be more than glad.