Saturday, April 24, 2010

Enlightenment for "Dummies"

Off late I see flooding of videos of yet another selfmade "Godman".. right, am referring to the "Nithyananda Scandal".
WTF is happening ?
Are we gonna stay fools forever, and not use the 1.5 kg muscle hidden inside the skull ?

We are so much used these kinda sex scandals of the self styled Godmen all along, but still dont grow up to this. The world is becoming so much populated with these swamijis and so, the number of fools (followers) too. I really dont understand why do we like to be a sheep forever and just follow every conman, pretending to be a leader. Are we using the so called "5 senses" that differentiates us from animals. Yeah we are not really evolving for "all good", but the reverse.

No offence to any religion or faith here !! 
This is the problem of man, not God.

It is so funny to see such allegations and denials, then blame game sets in, so a yummy stuff for the media, surviving with that shit for next few weeks.
The most funniest of all the denials was that of Mr.N on the video, claiming to be done on 'graphics'...
Mr. Nityananda and team, Do you have any faint idea on what you're saying? Am a visual effects person, a Graphics person(for laymen), we are burning our ass out to get realism in the digital world, like in the movies "Avatar" (quoting this, coz this too is in sensation now :P), still we are a long long way to do such a kind of real world stuffs, and Mr.N and team's justification on "manipulated on video using "Graphics", Growup Son, try something else !!

Was reading about his "Enlightenment Programmes", OMFG, $40000 USD for a 3 week course?  A COURSE FOR ENLIGHTENMENT.. Which also comes with the Certificate, duly signed by the Godmen gang.

Hahahahahaha.... sorries, Cant stop laughing at this innocence.

Heys, Enlightenment is an Experience of getting one with the God, and how is this done with weekly courses or how can one give a certification for that, and what the hell is that for ?

Probably, it was Osho who started this commercialization of "Enlightenment". Gone missing for few decades and brought back by Nithyananda lately. Its become a trend on Youtube videos these days, many talk about or against him and to get the "instant" fame.

And we have another waiting in queue to get trapped, who calls himself "Oneness" and many many more too with their strategically creative pracitses and cult for themselves...

Few weeks back I saw another such video of a priest "Romancing" inside the sanctum of the temple, how inhuman can he be ?, though am not a hindu, felt really outrageous at this. It really kills the last bit of faith one can have on "God" (in whatever form it may be)

Why ?

My take is that this generation is lacking a good leaders like Prophet Muhamed (sal), or Jesus or Buddha, they just seem to appear only every 1000 years, till then we need to bear these funny guys around. Reading about Muhamed (sal), i was amazed on his power to drive a barbarian arabic tribes to a more cultured society as it is today, and all that happened in just 20 years of his prophethood, or Jesus for his contributions to the people and Adhisankaracharya for reviving the true Hinduism.
Where are they now?.

I am well aware of the fact that nothing much can be done, but we still are the same for the past 4000 years and not much "evolution" has happened in this front. This puts me in a strong doubt now, Mr.Darwin, Is evolution only for physical traits or mental changes too ?

If its for the later too, I ll be more than glad.


  1. well said sir,
    Enlightenment have to be Experienced by oneself of their own and no one else can teach you other than the god himself,

    Hey people there will never be a transplantation of brain, in mere future, so plz use it.

    Certificate are issued under satisfaction, of those culprits, ha ha ha ha

  2. Human life is so unique in its way that there n number of ways to manipulate it... this just a way... there are many other. But FEAR and LUST is one sure way, which has been used for a long long time

    G Shyam

  3. Well said bro! it can be attributed to our (humans) innate desire to be fooled which explains why we go to movies, why we watch prefixed matches, why we walk into a set trap in love, why we look for surprises even when there is none in life or the desire to attribute our actions to something that lies outside us, simply because of our inability to handle success or failure, thanks to our childhood indoctrination. though if it is good or bad depends on which side of the coin is being looked at. And as for sheep mentality, lets not insult sheep. poor things! they consume what they need unlike us. our only measure of success is ownership, own all that you can, deplete natural resources, displace people, kill fellow humans (Aren't we from the race that killed 200 million people in 20th century alone in our greed!) and leave nothing for others, feeling guilty? go to god-men, they will for a while numb your senses with their sophisticated non sense stolen collectively from others all the while giving into their senses.

  4. We are living in a stage were all religions are completely misinterpreted so that calls each of us to be become like Buddha who is in his own individual path to seek meanings of life...

    We have all the information we need at our fingertips and personally I feel the best way to go about it is make your own individual religion, culture and moral values. A religion is like Morpheus in the movie Matrix, he can only show you the door but you are the person to walk through it.

  5. wel written zamy...i really appreciate it...abt the vfx involved in N's video..i cant stop laughin...i thnk we shud tell these ppl to do one frame roto and knw the basic effort involved in vfx......

    Enlightment- the meaning has changed in this era i guess...enlightment has nothng to do with god or religion..its all abt philosophies nad idea in life.....i really dnt knw wat these swamijis r upto...after all they are all loosers in life and need a medium to survive rite....its the business for them i guess.....this generation needs to wake up n discourage all this...

  6. Nice one sir. I like the way you have written it. Shows your true emotion towards the issue.

  7. Zamy Good that you took you time to think about it.

    Well the "Key" to enlightment (in my opinion) is just that...."Thinking" before you decide / act.

    Rightly said, those so called followers were just like goats and never used their 6th Sense to Think on it.

    But at the same time, I would also not blame them for it, as those hasty decisions are taken mostly on desperate situations, where one feels stranded without support (Be it Mentally or Physically).

    And pitiably more and more Women who as rightly said in a saying in Tamil "Pen Buthi Pin Buthi" (Women don't foresee) have proved this saying by signing Non Disclosure Contracts for learning "Tantric Sex". How cunning this guy would be to plan things.

    But I would appreciate Dr.Nithyananda Swamigal, for his intellectual thinking to Earn Money doing nothing but Sex... (Yet not called as a male prostitute).

    By the way, as you rightly pointed out zamy, human beings should use their 6th sense at least now after hearing about N number of Godmen like this.

    Amarnath Ponnuchamy

  8. The problem is, people have lost the power to think... They are becoming robots day-by-day... and more entwined in their own monotonous lifestyles... They want to get out, but don't know how, and so they turn to all these pathetic "saints", and take their words and deeds as one of God's own...


  9. Thanks guys for your comments, Happy to see we are all on the same shaky "Boat" .. and shouting at "deaf" ears.. hehehe.

    what really surprises me is their strategic thinking and executing stuffs, puts a IIM MBA degree to shame..
    They carry our their marketing and propoganda tactics with the housewifes and lazy govt servants, who are too busy with gossips and peeping into other's lives than their own, they are happy to become the first proud scapegoats and inturn want a few more for their company.

    Much of my anger is coz of feeling envy at these modern day godmen ;) for their easy "everything". Evil inside me thinks can i start a cult too, coz all that is needed to qualify is a long beard and a sweet 'no sense" talk.. ahh yeah we need to talk few stories too, probaly a first grade kid's moral book would prove useful reference.

    so shri shri zameerananda swamiji..? does it suit ? :P

  10. My mind has got "enlightment" after reading your blog. Thanks for saving USD40000. See my mind,it has become so "cheap" ( hey 1 sec..i meant that it saved USD4000 and not the other one as u thought)...

    personally i think, if not a "godman" , he has not done anything new as few of the modern generation are involved in "illegal affairs".. his personal affair has blown out of propotion coz of being a godman...(he might have survived if he could have positioned himself as Lord Indira or Lord manmathan..the god for Love and Lust, and still can continue to be the GOD Man)

    anyways, He wanted to be a "GOD MAN"...
    Nama yellarum ararukku oru "O" that he can become a GOOD MAN.

    H.Ajay Khanna

  11. Glad, there is a good debate associated with this topic