Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bang ! BigBang

Second post, after my first on Apr 23rd, and today is 23rd again, guess i feel the urge to post a blog on 23rds.. hehe crazy coincidence. but not all can be called a coincidence, well, which is exactly what am trying to say on Big Bang.

I admit, am not good with numbers and still cant figure how many zeros does a 'million' have.. seriously, but have always jaw dropped at the numbers these astronomers use, billion, trillion light years and all that kinda stuffs. When i know more on celestial worlds and galaxies, am humbled down to know how insignificant we really are.

hmm.. anyways whenever i see the 'most repeated' documentries on discovery and other tv channels, i still kinda dont buy the fact of 'big bang' theory. My wisdom(too young to that) doesn't accept the idea of a sudden appearance of a peanut size of mass that exploded violently 'untriggered'.... Yes ! 'just one fine day'...oops there wasn't any time or space then, okies lets call it 'one fine moment'. Am no atheist or a geek on this side of science, just an admirer, who just wows at the celestial symphony. But i do have my perspectives on such stuffs, though so naive or lame, and see what is fitting my perspective on such facts, with very little of 'assumptions' and techy 'name prefixed constants' that the scientists use.

Wish i was a astronomer, would have added more to already existing confusions hahaha. Have read few of Stephen Hawking on this, but still he sums up on the 'wise irregularities' and 'unknown coincidences' for what we are and who we are as of now, or atleast what we are made to believe till now.

If we were to take such assumptions, then whats really the big difference in 'one fine moment' or in '7 days' ?

Stumbled upon this documentary last weekend(one fine moment..??), seems this throws some convincing light on the chances on universe not born out of BigBang and shares my views too, happened to kill my boring weekend with this interesting one ;) Am sold (not fully thou') with the microwave radiation stuffs and spectrum theories they put forward. Perhaps, why not, there could be the other side of the coin too, which is much more 'unthinkable' than what we think we know. So thought i could bookmark this, not to miss this out of my sight.

Are we really the outcome of chances ?

If you guys too are curious on such 'time killers' and need something to fill the void of "No date" weekends, this could be just right for you.. hahaha

The documentary is made of 8 parts...

the remaining parts here :

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  1. stuff is good.. but its hard to beleive that zameer is saying no-date weekend. hahahha!